Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Red Book Part Two

This is the second part of my Red Book investigation series. This one isn't much, but it did reveal some information to me that might explain some personal issues.


  1. When I was 12 I saw something.. I still remember it to this day.. yet no one thinks I'm telling the truth. When I was camping I was tired after a night walk and went to bed in my tent, others went to the other camp to play cards.. I saw something.. I saw something my god.. No one thinsk I'm telling the truth, I'm 18 now and I remember it as clear as day. Something was outside my tent.. It was breathing, I could hear it.. One would say it was a kangaroo or something, I live in Australia, but it didn't have that shape. And the way it stood.. I couldn't smell anything though but it bashed my tent a little, as if it were telling me to get out. The next morning I got up to pee, that night I had pissed myself... When I got up I saw soemthing move suddenly that was humanoid, it was over a metre from me. I ran back to my tent and stayed silent until others started to get up..

    I am not sure what it is.. But if it's a Seed Eater... I'll kill it if I see it. I know this mgiht sound like bullshit but I have some mental training. If it's a manifestation I can destroy it.

  2. Have you ever heard of Skilling? Through it apparantly one can manifest things.. Sometimes though you can create monsters through it..

  3. Hello Cliff.

    I think you may want to check out a youtube I think they may have video evidence of the Seed Eater.
    channel called tja projects.

  4. The videos you should watch are The Underground River, and The Coop.

  5. ok, at around 6:20 of the video, you will hear a very distant screaming echo. listen VERY carefully

    1. Is the same sound from the video posted on August 30, 2010