Friday, August 6, 2010

From Martin

From Martin:

"Hello Cliff.

My name is Martin, and I live in Sweden. I read your blog the other day, and was quite surprised that others have seen - no, experienced - the same thing as me.
It was an early morning in August about 8 years ago (I'm 17 now). I was an early bird when I was younger, so waking up that early was nothing extraordinary. I grew up in a pretty remote place, and since there aren't any predators up here (hunted almost to extinction) my parents didn't mind me strolling about the forest nearby as long as I didn't go to far and without them nearby. Anyway, this particular morning, I was bored. Nothing on the television, my parents weren't awake and I couldn't go back to sleep. Instead, I went outside.

I dressed and opened the door, walking in the direction of the woods. I kept on going , passing the line of tall pine trees, and soon I was in the part of the woods that I usually played in. It's dense with lots of underbrush, but I liked playing or just walking about. As I walked down the path going through the forest. Suddenly, about 10 metres to the left of the path, I saw someone sitting in a tall tree, on a branch about halfway up. It was a... I don't know how to describe it. It had long, weird arms and something like a snout, with a mask covering its face. It was dark, and I couldn't see very clearly, but I remember it raising its left arm, but it didn't bend like it should. It was also bobbing its head, almost like a bobblehead doll. There was also some kind of smell, as if it was carrying around a rotting animal or something. I turned and ran away, as I was scared to death.

This all happened very quickly, I doubt I stared at it for more than 10 seconds before running away. I ran inside, locked the door and went back to bed. I told my parents about it, but as always, they just dismissed it as a bad dream."

This brings up the discovery that there are either multiple Seed Eaters or it affects more than one area.


  1. The Seed Eater? In Sweden? It's more likely than you think.

  2. A previous person's story mentioned one in Florida, now Sweden? I don't think these could be the same exact one, so it's possible there are either multiple ones, or people are bullshitting.

  3. Or else it's like Slenderman, and all those other creepypasta characters, and can go wherever it wants on the planet at any time, since it probably isn't from this universe anyways.