Monday, January 23, 2012

From David

"Hello Cliff,

first of all im glad that youre alive and second im sorry if my english is bad beacuse im from germany . I had an experience in my childhood with a creature like the one youre calling seed eater . I was 10 years old . Near my neighborhood in the town Oberhausen was a small forest in which I played often with my friends . I remember very well on this rainy day . Me and two friends of mine went through the woods as we noticed this disgusting smell .Then one of my friends pointed on something and as is turned around i saw it too . It was as big as a grown man , long black hair and he was wearing something similar to a black coat . The Face of this thing was just like everyone else here has described it stiched togehter and only one eye but it was not white, it was red or to be more accurate pale red . My friends ran away immediately, but I stayed there and stared at it just like it was staring at me . The Creature twisted his head in a very strange way very slowly .Then I heard my friends calling me I turned to them, I heard the creature roar and then it was gone .

Later that day i told my parents about this creature but they only laughed at a child with too much imagination .

In the same night i had a dream , a nightmare or was it real ? I dont know. It was dark and I was lying in my bed when i heard a strange but familiar sound. So I opened my eyes and saw it . It leaned over me, it seemed as if it would sniff at me .

Then I heard a voice that whispered : 'du bist noch nicht reif , aber ich werde warten und wieder kommen wenn es an der zeit ist' (Translation : 'you are not ripe yet , but I will wait and come back when its time')

The next morning I drew it and showed my parents but they were telling me that it was only a nightmare . Im 23 years old now but im still scared at night because it could come back . Now Im even more anxious because i now know that other people saw it too. it was not my imagination it is real and still out there …...... These are the pictures that I drew as a kid, my mother had kept them .

rely David ."

Attached were two drawings:

This is interesting to note for the red coloured face. This has been unreported in previous testimonies.

Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm honestly not even sure where to begin with this.

In September, I was getting this feeling of impending destruction. It was this great heaving weight sitting in my stomach that became heavier each day. If I really think about it, that feeling's still there as some kind of residual stain, but I've been far too preoccupied with current events than to be dwelling on that.

On September 3rd, I gave up. Everything had led me up to that point and I suppose I finally broke. I knew that I was doomed in some way at some time. I knew I would have to get it over with.

I left to the Grove and I waited there. I must have been there all night and slept the whole next day. Really, I wasn't myself and I'm shocked nobody found me there in the leaf piles beneath all the frail trees.

On one of the days I spent there half-sleeping and half-laying awake, the creature arrived. I remember seeing the place become quite dark - even blotting out the distant street lamps. Then I heard this monstrous and guttural groaning sound that made me think of the noise a dying bear might make. For the first time in days, I stood up and went to go look. In the back of my mind, I knew exactly what it was.

As I got into the clearing of the playground, I saw it standing there, hunched over. It was wearing something, maybe clothes it picked up or something to try and blend in. I just remember looking at each other for a very long period of time. Then I did something stupid. Hazily, I threw stones at it and tried hitting it with tree branches, but they all seemed just to disintegrate into ash before they came close to it.

And it lunged at me. Before it came close to me, I had really no idea how big it was. It hit me and blasted me backwards and that's when my legs must have broken. I recall being pinned down and having it stick its horrible face at my head. I think it has teeth. I must have teeth of some kind, because the next thing I felt was his terrible sharp pain on my face and this huge whirring noise coming from its mouth. Blood got in my eyes. It felt like knives were being thrust across the area. It was only there for a second and then the creature pulled away. I tried saying something, but I couldn't. It was just this sputtering and bubbling sound of blood coming from whatever was left of my mouth. I can't even bear to think what would have happened to me if it hadn't stopped.

The creature lifted its head up and it spoke to me.

It told me that I was the harbinger - that my life wouldn't be taken because of this. The whole thing felt like a warped dream. In fact, I'm not even sure if it was completely real, but I can remember what it said to me. Afterwards, I drifted into blackness.

I woke up on September 12th which was apparently just over a week since the incident. My face was covered in bandages and I was told that surgeons had to reattach my lower lip - which had been off halfway up to my left ear.

Robbie said he saw what happened. He told me that after the creature attacked me, he came in and killed it (what weapon he used was unclear). He said he put the corpse in a garbage bag and wanted to use it as evidence of its existence. He wanted to show me it, but when he went back to the bag, he only found leaves inside. I'm not sure if he's telling the complete truth, but I trust my brother. Whatever happened to the corpse is unknown.

But we do know that, from Robbie's testimony, the Seed Eater is dead.

In the weeks since, I've tried updating Facebook. I've been confined to a bed, and I think I was being fed some type of drug to keep me asleep or from asking questions. I just know that all of a sudden, it was January and I was being bombarded with all of this MCO rubbish.

Then, last night, I was stuck in a wheelchair and hauled out of wherever I was (it wasn't a hospital). Then I was crammed in the back of a van and driven somewhere. After, I was dumped into a bright white room and yelled at through a speaker by a guy who called himself Mr. Lundestad (Head Director or something). He was demanding to know why I was breaching these policies I didn't even know existed. Somewhere, I got his facade to break and he admitted that they were studying a "subject" that I was "leaking secrets about" (I can only assume they mean the creature). I told him it was dead, but I don't think he was very convinced. Nonetheless, we reached a compromise of some sort: I get to keep my website, but it is now going to be under MCO monitoring. I managed to persuade him that there was this community being built by the site that was impossible to remove.

Whatever research they're doing now, I don't know. I just thought you would all need to understand that we are now being monitored by this Maelstrom Containment Operation...

Monday, January 9, 2012

About Cliff

Cliff is alive. I promise you this.

Sadly, he is currently in no condition to be blogging or to make any videos. God knows if he will ever be able to speak again, but we all have hope.

The Howry family extends its thanks to those who have expressed concern towards Cliff's condition/sudden disappearance. We can assure you he is doing well (or better than he was before).

- Rob Howry (Cliff's brother)

Cliff says that he will likely return to blogging at some point, but he is still unable to physically talk properly due to facial wounds and must resort to writing things down for us. As of right now, he is barely awake enough to blog anything, but he ensures that he will once he is in a better condition.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


That black cloud is going to be coming anytime.

I've thought this out. I'm going to the Grove. I thought about doing it the other day when there was that bad storm.

and i think I've denied everyone of this for long enough so let's just get it over with:

That's the clearest I could get a cropped version of Todd's picture.

I'm sorry if I couldn't solve everything or if I led to disappointments. But if I count off the ordinances, I'm finished anyways. it's just a matter of when.

Again, might as well get it over with.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

From Catherine C.

"Weird name for it. I mean, I guess this must be the same thing I've been seeing. I had a couple experiences with the thing when I was a kid, and sometimes I have recurring nightmares about it (my experience was actually a lot like that guy Chris's. Same thing about not being able to remember at first, blacking out, panic attacks, vomiting, etc.) Whenever I have the nightmares, the image is preceded by a feeling of intense horror, dread, disgust, and rage. Like the embodiment of the antithesis of everything you've ever thought was good in life. At the same time, there's this sort of bizarre attraction to it. In the dreams, whenever I would try to look directly at it, my eyes would water and my vision would go blurry for a second, but when it came into focus, I immediately woke up needing to vomit. I don't know what the hell it is or why it insists on fucking around with people if it doesn't want to eat them, but if the whole conspiracy about Morgan Park is true, that is seriously a shock to me. The whole thing sounds like a really interesting episode of the X-Files. Yeah, and here I am rambling, but the point of emailing you is that I actually have a picture somewhere. I used to take photos of EVERYTHING when I was a kid, and I still have it. It's over at my dad's house, and as soon as I get the chance to visit him I'll go dig it out. Unless it gets destroyed by flood water or disappears or something. Who knows, all sorts of mysterious crap is happening to other people's photographs, apparently. I've never shown it to anyone before, you'll be the first.

Happy hunting,

I would be interested in seeing this photo.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

From Jared

"Hi Cliff.
Listen, I don't know how much help this is... Or even if it's really related, but i stumbled on to these Seedeater stories not long ago and it reminded of others I've heard, specifically stories from the "dreamtime".
I'm from Australia and the natives here often share their tales of creation and learning with us. One that stood out was about a creature called the Quinkin. The cave drawings and tales of the creature are vaguely comparable to that of the seedeater experiences and they have similar habits/features; they hunted in remote areas, specifically targeted children, they hid in tree branches and between rocks, they were tall and thin, very dark skinned, had matted hair. Quinkins however, weren't known for the ragface, (their odour is also never mentioned) but these stories came from thousands upon thousands of years ago so maybe it changed since then? Maybe It never felt the need to don the mask here? I'm not entirely sure if they're connected or if anyone has already shared this with you, yet i felt as though i should draw your attention to at least a similar creature here in Australia."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

From Unknown Sender

"Hello Cliff.

Do you know why you haven't been attacked yet? Do you know why you are still alive? Surely your ego isn't so exorbitant as to expect some sort of special treatment.

You are a rule breaker bent on continuing to break the rules, and because of this, you will face it one day.

But you are still alive. I will tell you why.

The creatures are not aware of what a "blog" is, anymore than they are aware of what the internet is. Such matters do not concern them. But they are aware of YOU. This I am sure of. They are a hive mind. They share one consciousness. While there are many of them, it is as if they were one. As soon as one learned of your existence, they all have. But, you are still alive. You have altered the hunt, but you still breathe. This is because you started a chain reaction.

The rules do not come from a book. The rules are much older than any 20th century publication. Many people disappeared to establish these rules and you mock them. But it is in your mocking that you are guaranteed your survival...for now.

Those of us that survive after altering the hunt only live because others suffer. Before the internet, when the creatures were a mystery, whispers of their existence were occasionally heard. Those that tell the story remain immune because they do not just alter the hunt...they expand it. This "Richard" is another example. You have allowed for people to become victimized by the creatures. Because of you, unimaginable alterations have been made...leading to more disappearances.

Why they attack children, none of us know. Innocence and fear are abstract concepts. They have nothing to do with the hunt. Your guess that they use the children for some sort of nourishment is probably correct. The why is not important. The name is not important- they have been given many names throughout history.

You have chosen to meddle in the affairs of demons. Why, I do not know. You could stop now and perhaps you would be spared. I will not encourage you to stop because I am curious to see how far they may be tested. You are not the first of your kind, but you have persisted longer than any of us. When the sightings start, they will never stop. Even when they stop hunting someone, they never stop watching. They are waiting for something.

Do you know why the creature bares a mask? You will."

I received this in my email. I have replied to the sender with the following response:

"I'm not sure if you're intending this to be some sort of threat. However, you seem to have some knowledge about the Seed Eater(s) - at least, more knowledge than I do in certain areas. Is there anything else you would like to share?"

Either way you look at it, it seems that this sender knows, or at least senses, that there is more than one Seed Eater. If this is true, then the certainty of this being a global phenomenon is secured.