Thursday, July 7, 2011

From Unknown Sender

"Hello Cliff.

Do you know why you haven't been attacked yet? Do you know why you are still alive? Surely your ego isn't so exorbitant as to expect some sort of special treatment.

You are a rule breaker bent on continuing to break the rules, and because of this, you will face it one day.

But you are still alive. I will tell you why.

The creatures are not aware of what a "blog" is, anymore than they are aware of what the internet is. Such matters do not concern them. But they are aware of YOU. This I am sure of. They are a hive mind. They share one consciousness. While there are many of them, it is as if they were one. As soon as one learned of your existence, they all have. But, you are still alive. You have altered the hunt, but you still breathe. This is because you started a chain reaction.

The rules do not come from a book. The rules are much older than any 20th century publication. Many people disappeared to establish these rules and you mock them. But it is in your mocking that you are guaranteed your survival...for now.

Those of us that survive after altering the hunt only live because others suffer. Before the internet, when the creatures were a mystery, whispers of their existence were occasionally heard. Those that tell the story remain immune because they do not just alter the hunt...they expand it. This "Richard" is another example. You have allowed for people to become victimized by the creatures. Because of you, unimaginable alterations have been made...leading to more disappearances.

Why they attack children, none of us know. Innocence and fear are abstract concepts. They have nothing to do with the hunt. Your guess that they use the children for some sort of nourishment is probably correct. The why is not important. The name is not important- they have been given many names throughout history.

You have chosen to meddle in the affairs of demons. Why, I do not know. You could stop now and perhaps you would be spared. I will not encourage you to stop because I am curious to see how far they may be tested. You are not the first of your kind, but you have persisted longer than any of us. When the sightings start, they will never stop. Even when they stop hunting someone, they never stop watching. They are waiting for something.

Do you know why the creature bares a mask? You will."

I received this in my email. I have replied to the sender with the following response:

"I'm not sure if you're intending this to be some sort of threat. However, you seem to have some knowledge about the Seed Eater(s) - at least, more knowledge than I do in certain areas. Is there anything else you would like to share?"

Either way you look at it, it seems that this sender knows, or at least senses, that there is more than one Seed Eater. If this is true, then the certainty of this being a global phenomenon is secured.


  1. This is the first creature that I actually believe in

  2. I know of seed eaters I know who that sender is and i hunt thier proxies and the demons you call seed eaters. My name is luis.