Sunday, July 10, 2011

From Catherine C.

"Weird name for it. I mean, I guess this must be the same thing I've been seeing. I had a couple experiences with the thing when I was a kid, and sometimes I have recurring nightmares about it (my experience was actually a lot like that guy Chris's. Same thing about not being able to remember at first, blacking out, panic attacks, vomiting, etc.) Whenever I have the nightmares, the image is preceded by a feeling of intense horror, dread, disgust, and rage. Like the embodiment of the antithesis of everything you've ever thought was good in life. At the same time, there's this sort of bizarre attraction to it. In the dreams, whenever I would try to look directly at it, my eyes would water and my vision would go blurry for a second, but when it came into focus, I immediately woke up needing to vomit. I don't know what the hell it is or why it insists on fucking around with people if it doesn't want to eat them, but if the whole conspiracy about Morgan Park is true, that is seriously a shock to me. The whole thing sounds like a really interesting episode of the X-Files. Yeah, and here I am rambling, but the point of emailing you is that I actually have a picture somewhere. I used to take photos of EVERYTHING when I was a kid, and I still have it. It's over at my dad's house, and as soon as I get the chance to visit him I'll go dig it out. Unless it gets destroyed by flood water or disappears or something. Who knows, all sorts of mysterious crap is happening to other people's photographs, apparently. I've never shown it to anyone before, you'll be the first.

Happy hunting,

I would be interested in seeing this photo.

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