Saturday, July 9, 2011

From Jared

"Hi Cliff.
Listen, I don't know how much help this is... Or even if it's really related, but i stumbled on to these Seedeater stories not long ago and it reminded of others I've heard, specifically stories from the "dreamtime".
I'm from Australia and the natives here often share their tales of creation and learning with us. One that stood out was about a creature called the Quinkin. The cave drawings and tales of the creature are vaguely comparable to that of the seedeater experiences and they have similar habits/features; they hunted in remote areas, specifically targeted children, they hid in tree branches and between rocks, they were tall and thin, very dark skinned, had matted hair. Quinkins however, weren't known for the ragface, (their odour is also never mentioned) but these stories came from thousands upon thousands of years ago so maybe it changed since then? Maybe It never felt the need to don the mask here? I'm not entirely sure if they're connected or if anyone has already shared this with you, yet i felt as though i should draw your attention to at least a similar creature here in Australia."

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