Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm honestly not even sure where to begin with this.

In September, I was getting this feeling of impending destruction. It was this great heaving weight sitting in my stomach that became heavier each day. If I really think about it, that feeling's still there as some kind of residual stain, but I've been far too preoccupied with current events than to be dwelling on that.

On September 3rd, I gave up. Everything had led me up to that point and I suppose I finally broke. I knew that I was doomed in some way at some time. I knew I would have to get it over with.

I left to the Grove and I waited there. I must have been there all night and slept the whole next day. Really, I wasn't myself and I'm shocked nobody found me there in the leaf piles beneath all the frail trees.

On one of the days I spent there half-sleeping and half-laying awake, the creature arrived. I remember seeing the place become quite dark - even blotting out the distant street lamps. Then I heard this monstrous and guttural groaning sound that made me think of the noise a dying bear might make. For the first time in days, I stood up and went to go look. In the back of my mind, I knew exactly what it was.

As I got into the clearing of the playground, I saw it standing there, hunched over. It was wearing something, maybe clothes it picked up or something to try and blend in. I just remember looking at each other for a very long period of time. Then I did something stupid. Hazily, I threw stones at it and tried hitting it with tree branches, but they all seemed just to disintegrate into ash before they came close to it.

And it lunged at me. Before it came close to me, I had really no idea how big it was. It hit me and blasted me backwards and that's when my legs must have broken. I recall being pinned down and having it stick its horrible face at my head. I think it has teeth. I must have teeth of some kind, because the next thing I felt was his terrible sharp pain on my face and this huge whirring noise coming from its mouth. Blood got in my eyes. It felt like knives were being thrust across the area. It was only there for a second and then the creature pulled away. I tried saying something, but I couldn't. It was just this sputtering and bubbling sound of blood coming from whatever was left of my mouth. I can't even bear to think what would have happened to me if it hadn't stopped.

The creature lifted its head up and it spoke to me.

It told me that I was the harbinger - that my life wouldn't be taken because of this. The whole thing felt like a warped dream. In fact, I'm not even sure if it was completely real, but I can remember what it said to me. Afterwards, I drifted into blackness.

I woke up on September 12th which was apparently just over a week since the incident. My face was covered in bandages and I was told that surgeons had to reattach my lower lip - which had been off halfway up to my left ear.

Robbie said he saw what happened. He told me that after the creature attacked me, he came in and killed it (what weapon he used was unclear). He said he put the corpse in a garbage bag and wanted to use it as evidence of its existence. He wanted to show me it, but when he went back to the bag, he only found leaves inside. I'm not sure if he's telling the complete truth, but I trust my brother. Whatever happened to the corpse is unknown.

But we do know that, from Robbie's testimony, the Seed Eater is dead.

In the weeks since, I've tried updating Facebook. I've been confined to a bed, and I think I was being fed some type of drug to keep me asleep or from asking questions. I just know that all of a sudden, it was January and I was being bombarded with all of this MCO rubbish.

Then, last night, I was stuck in a wheelchair and hauled out of wherever I was (it wasn't a hospital). Then I was crammed in the back of a van and driven somewhere. After, I was dumped into a bright white room and yelled at through a speaker by a guy who called himself Mr. Lundestad (Head Director or something). He was demanding to know why I was breaching these policies I didn't even know existed. Somewhere, I got his facade to break and he admitted that they were studying a "subject" that I was "leaking secrets about" (I can only assume they mean the creature). I told him it was dead, but I don't think he was very convinced. Nonetheless, we reached a compromise of some sort: I get to keep my website, but it is now going to be under MCO monitoring. I managed to persuade him that there was this community being built by the site that was impossible to remove.

Whatever research they're doing now, I don't know. I just thought you would all need to understand that we are now being monitored by this Maelstrom Containment Operation...


  1. I fully believe the Seed Eater is alive after being shot (and in a pissy mood to add that).

  2. This doesnt sound crazy at all...... I want to see a pic of your injury. Blur what you want but after all that lets see proof. Especially if MCO is on your side. If its real its not dead yet.

    1. There is one I found on

  3. Lol Im pretty sure this is some bullshit.

  4. I just managed to look up the word harbinger. I'm sure some people may have already (I already knew a bit of the definition but I just wanted confirmation), but:

    One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner.
    tr.v. har·bin·gered, har·bin·ger·ing, har·bin·gers
    To signal the approach of; presage.
    1. a person or thing that announces or indicates the approach of something; forerunner
    2. (Historical Terms) Obsolete a person sent in advance of a royal party or army to obtain lodgings for them
    harbinger - Originally, one who provided lodging or acted as a host.

    Either, Cliff, you are here to warn us about them, or you are here to expand their hunt. Teach us about them, so that they may have more prey choices.

    1. I think that cliff is clearly destined to BECOME a Seedeater. Why would the Seedeater let someone destined to help the humans live survive. Maybe the Seedeaters all have mangled faces, hence the . I wonder what color Cliff"s mask will be...

  5. I saw him in this small forested area the other day, but at first I didn't know what it was and so I did some searching on youtube and sure enough I found something about it, now I can identify what it was I can tell you what happened. I have a dog which is only about 4 months old which we got for christmas, it just had its injections to allow it to go outside and so being excited, I took it across the neighbourhood to a small forest which only has a few houses nearby as it is currently an area which is going to be made into a building site. The area which I live on used to be a very marshy land with ponds and vegetation everywhere and although modern some areas are quite deserted. Whilst walking my dog I felt very eerie but I wasn't sure if I could sense something or if it was simply the cold weather sending that chill up my spine. Towards the middle of the forest I saw a tree which stood out from the others because its wood was much darker and the branches were ridden with twists and turns in every direction. I spotted some nails in the tree in random spots, at first I thought it must have just been an attempt to make a tree house by the local youths but upon further inspection there was no pattern or other materials and it looked like someone had just raged at the tree with tools because there were incisions too deep to have been made naturally or accidentally. I knew it could have been anything but it really got my heart pumping, by this point my dog was barking with boredom so I decided it would be best if I tied its lead to the tree whilst I examined the tree so I had more hands free. I had only just turned back to the tree when I heard the branch my dog was tied to snap. Dogs being dogs, it ran and embraced its sudden freedom, I chased it but it was more agile than I was and be cause of the saturated marshy land my feet kept getting stuck and I eventually fell over. I felt a cold breeze and in a frantic, scared attempt to wipe my face clean to see around me, I almost wanted to scream as I felt as if something was staring at me but my eyes were still too dirty to see anything. I felt breathing on my neck and rough hand on my cheek, I suddenly heard something grunting and sneering, like whatever it was was having trouble breathing. I heard twigs snap in the distance and I realised other people were there, suddenly the creature stopped, as if threatened by the other presences and I only just cleared my eyes quickly enough to breifly see a face which fits this description before it turned away and crept off into the distance making a strange grunting noise once again. Thankfully my dog was probably quite a lot brighter than most and remembered its way home. Sure enough my parents shouted at me for almost losing the dog but to be fairly honest I am just thankful to be alive. The experience still stains my thoughts and is not completely clear still, but if one thing is for sure, I AM NEVER, EVER, GOING NEAR THAT FOREST AGAIN!!!

    1. Wow im suprised it didnt kill u let alone any other witnesses. I would be glad to be alive too.

  6. those type of things is why i always carry a diving knife

  7. This is weird cause maybe if his brother killed it maybe they are more then one. So maybe they are an unkwon thing it must just hunt alone so this is scary does things are not made by god

  8. The day I saw it I was in the Decatur Tennessee park I was sitting on a park bench and I saw something run into the woods I ran after it because I thought it was a stra dog (which I take care of at my house) and I ran pass the junior highschool near the park I managed to get accross the small creek in the woods near the park. There was an old wrecked bus in the woods a few people knew about it me and my friend hungout there after school at times there were no seats in the bus I heard some rusling in the leaves near the bus I went to investigate and there was nothing in the bus so I thought whatever it was if it was a dog it was gone and I backed away from the bus and that's when I saw it the seed eater it was on top of the bus just sitting there staring at me with a cold lifeless expression it groaned a low growl sound I was frozen in my steps I closed my eyes hopping it was a dream and when I opened my eyes I was looking at the ground and when I looked up it was gone I ran shaking from the woods back to the park but to my amazment all eight people that were spread out across the park were gone and at the bench was my bag I went home and I got my school books out of my bag and there was a note tapped to one of my books I can't remember which one exactly but the note said one thing "bye, ethan" I think it was left by my friend morgan who was at the park at the time looking for his sister. I heard something outside so I looked out of my window all that was there was a bloodstained rag on the ground it was just in the spotlight of the motion lamp outside of my house I knew something was there because the light was on I closed my curtians to my room I didn't sleep that night I was terified of what I saw I was afriad to sleep. The next day I asked morgan if he had left the note he just said no and asked what I was talking about and I thought he would think I was crazy if I explained so I told him I was just joking with him. I fell asleep atleast three time that day but when I closed my eyes all I saw was the creature. I didn't know what it was at first but after reading about eyeless jack I stumbled across the story about the seed eater and it fit what I saw perfectly I'm terrified now and can't sleep well since. Nothing makes sense anymore after I saw it

  9. For all of the people that call this "Bullshit" Whatever. It is you're choise not to belive..... But do me a favor. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Don't post that you don't belive. Dont even read about it. God you all bother me.
    ~S <3

  10. I have never met it but it truly belive its alive and it frightens me deeply

  11. my experience was me and my friends were playing ultimate man hunt at 11:00 at night we were all hiding near a ditch we heard leaves moving behind us. so me and my friend left the two people still there heard stay so they left we went inside and couldn't sleep it showed up at 6:00 in the morning and I went to sleep not looking at it my friends were texting eachother about it my friend had m phone so I got the text and I read them at 7:20 we looked for the creature we knew what it was and we wanted to kill it we never found we searched for an hour all we found was notes and it was playing with us probably watching us we gave up the entire week me and my 1 friend had dreams about it I had a dream were it killed me and the other I befriended it my friend dreamt warnings and drew it its face was pale he said it was gonna attack us over the weekend but never did the entire week we felt like we were being watched and it happened this year.
    the only way to kill it is to rip its spinal cord out and crush its brain my parents don't believe me but I know what I saw