Monday, January 9, 2012

About Cliff

Cliff is alive. I promise you this.

Sadly, he is currently in no condition to be blogging or to make any videos. God knows if he will ever be able to speak again, but we all have hope.

The Howry family extends its thanks to those who have expressed concern towards Cliff's condition/sudden disappearance. We can assure you he is doing well (or better than he was before).

- Rob Howry (Cliff's brother)

Cliff says that he will likely return to blogging at some point, but he is still unable to physically talk properly due to facial wounds and must resort to writing things down for us. As of right now, he is barely awake enough to blog anything, but he ensures that he will once he is in a better condition.


  1. My condolences.

  2. first of all, i really sorry about your actual condition, for what i've been reading you must be in hell right now (no need to tell, right?) also i apologize for my poor vocabulary, im from other country and im still learning, but im gonna try to express myself the best i can...the first time i read about the creature was in forum, as a sort of creepypasta well done, but then, when i started my little research about the sleenderman an those things, i found these all sort of articles, and stories, pictures, reports, and blogs like this, now im terrified for what it can be out there...( even considering i dont go out that much), u probably have better thigs to do than read the comments of a curious teen ager...but i just want to share my concern for this phenomenon and its unheard victims. (people probably hear you, turn their backs, and laugh at u) i hope you get well.


  3. OMG I got curious abit EJ then seedeater happened and now I'm learning this Jeff is connected to lots of people... Slenderman?? Jeff Jack seedeaters????? Humans have small knowledge of what is truely under our beds at night!

  4. "Seed Eater" is just a project of ours. No need to worry. We shall be recalling it to the Facility soon.

    ~Dr. Decarin