Monday, January 23, 2012

From David

"Hello Cliff,

first of all im glad that youre alive and second im sorry if my english is bad beacuse im from germany . I had an experience in my childhood with a creature like the one youre calling seed eater . I was 10 years old . Near my neighborhood in the town Oberhausen was a small forest in which I played often with my friends . I remember very well on this rainy day . Me and two friends of mine went through the woods as we noticed this disgusting smell .Then one of my friends pointed on something and as is turned around i saw it too . It was as big as a grown man , long black hair and he was wearing something similar to a black coat . The Face of this thing was just like everyone else here has described it stiched togehter and only one eye but it was not white, it was red or to be more accurate pale red . My friends ran away immediately, but I stayed there and stared at it just like it was staring at me . The Creature twisted his head in a very strange way very slowly .Then I heard my friends calling me I turned to them, I heard the creature roar and then it was gone .

Later that day i told my parents about this creature but they only laughed at a child with too much imagination .

In the same night i had a dream , a nightmare or was it real ? I dont know. It was dark and I was lying in my bed when i heard a strange but familiar sound. So I opened my eyes and saw it . It leaned over me, it seemed as if it would sniff at me .

Then I heard a voice that whispered : 'du bist noch nicht reif , aber ich werde warten und wieder kommen wenn es an der zeit ist' (Translation : 'you are not ripe yet , but I will wait and come back when its time')

The next morning I drew it and showed my parents but they were telling me that it was only a nightmare . Im 23 years old now but im still scared at night because it could come back . Now Im even more anxious because i now know that other people saw it too. it was not my imagination it is real and still out there …...... These are the pictures that I drew as a kid, my mother had kept them .

rely David ."

Attached were two drawings:

This is interesting to note for the red coloured face. This has been unreported in previous testimonies.


  1. Wasn't there a picture in a much earlier post of the creature sitting in a tree? That one also had a red face. I believe that picture is also on your Facebook page. Perhaps different races of the same species?

  2. There is already a theory of the seed eater are not born but people get turned into seed eaters.
    What if the red face is an Indicator for a seed eater that has reached the end of its life-span .
    And he has chosen David to become a seed eater when he is ripe .
    I would say he is in great danger, even after such a long time

  3. it looks just like the demon from insidious...

  4. no i think that was darth maul in insidious

  5. okay this is really scary for me because i currently live in germany

  6. the seed eater said that it would come back when he was ripe,which means that the seed eater EATS kids

  7. I am very scarred of the seed eater

  8. Okay, im freaked, I honestly think that I saw that creature now. I was playing Minecraft with buddies, we all downloaded random Mods to spruce up the game. One of which was the seedeater Mod, I had no idea what it was but when We started playing me and my buddy Conner saw what he sort of looks like and we're both like "wtf, this looks like the thing we saw a month ago." We just continued to play until later when we all left. I then did some research about the seedeater and who he/it is. I then thought about a month ago when me and my friend were walking back from his house to mine, we saw this "birdman" who was dark coloured with a white mask sort of like a skull. But it oviously wasnt because there were 2 stitches. 1 stitch was covering the right eye, or its left one. and the other was around a different hole wear the mouth was but it wasnt stitched shut. We also both saw that over where its lower left half were his nose would be, if he had one was extreemly red. After we both stood there, i decided to run, although my friend stayed and stared, i looked back and the "birdman" and connor were still, same positions, same faces, both directly staring at eachother. So, I feared for my friend and ran back to him locked arms with him and pulled him away from the creature. When we took a different route to my house, avoiding the spot wear we saw him, we tried to act calm but my dad saw threw my lie and asked "whats wrong, you seem like you have lossed you soul?" I replied with somethig like "nothing." Once me and connor got to my room we both talked about what he saw and what I saw, he also pointed out that the man was very harry and furry, sort of like a bird.

  9. Maybe it was the creepypasta mod

    1. No, it was the Seedeater mod