Friday, September 3, 2010

From James


I've never had any first hand experience with a seedeater, but please hear me out. I've developed a theory of the origins of seedeaters. I only have the content from your blog to work with, but I don't think seedeaters are born or hatched. I think they are created. This would explain why there hasn't been a child-sized seedeater seen.

I'm going to start by talking about the post entitled "From Jean." I am also going to assume that the disappearance of Craig was indeed the work of a seedeater. Due to knowledge of previous blog posts, I am aware that seedeaters' diets consist at least partially of... well... children. I found the disappearance of Craig to be quite odd. What was the seedeater's motive? What reason did it have to take Craig? After three days of searching, the only signs of Craig to be found was his glasses and jacket. There was no half-eaten corpse laying around somewhere.

My theory is the seedeaters take people and somehow change them into new seedeaters. After discussing my theory with a friend, we came up with some sort of fungal or bacterial infection which could cause mutation. The infection could cause the new seedeater's flesh to rot, which would explain both the smell commonly described as garbage or rotting meat. This would also explain their rag-faced appearance. If their flesh was rotting, they'd need some way to prevent themselves from completely falling apart; which could be accomplished by stitching rags (or pieces of their own flesh) together. Abductions happen in the world every day. Not all of them are explained. Some unexplained disappearances could be the work of seedeaters.

Now you may be thinking, "If seedeaters can change anybody into a seedeater, why aren't there more of them?" I think that the process of changing someone into a seedeater could be very dangerous to the seedeater which does the changing. A seedeater would probably not take someone until the seedeater was already towards the end of its lifespan in an act of self-preservation. If the process of changing a human into a seedeater resulted in a very high chance of seedeater death, then this would result in a very small increase of total seedeaters in the world over a long period of time since on rare occasion a seedeater could survive the process of changing another and go on to change a second human.

Now like I said, I've never seen a seedeater, and I hope I don't. I only have the information you've provided me with, but I thought you might be interested in my theory. Just something to think about."

This is an interesting theory. In this, there may be more than one and they may operate similar to the classic "werewolf" image. Very interesting indeed.


  1. This theory scares me. A lot.
    I mean, I know what I saw back then as a kid, and although I doubt I would've been subject to a, well, transformation.. Whatever these (I think there's more than one, unless this thing can move over really long distances) seedeater creatures are, they scare the shit outta me, and the thought of them turning people into more of them.. well, let's hope James is wrong.

  2. Another theory is that seedeaters are created by the unconscious projection of parents' fears of their children being abducted, as well as the children's own fears. When i was growing up, my parents were always warning me about "something that will take you away from us". If enough people put enough unconscious energy into something, could it become real? I know that's really new age and existential but...these are monsters we're talking about. At some point you have to stop expecting a rational, scientific answer.

    I like James' theory better. It makes more sense than mine.

    1. You're talking about a tulpa. I think it was a Buddhist thing, that if enough people thought about something, that they would effectively give it life, and force it to be real. God, I hope that's not possible, especially now with the Internet. Millions of people could be thinking about the same thing, maybe a monster...if a relatively small group of minds could make a tulpa, what about millions of minds?

    2. Absolutely ridiculous, do you realize just how many creatures, and non existant beings that would be out there if a lot of people could get together and just think something into existence? I mean seriously do you really think Superman is real just because a bunch of kids think he exists?

      And neither of the theories make any sense whatsoever, Jame's theory makes absolutely no sense since they have never seen the creature, and nothing from any of the brief sightings of it support anything about what he said, for one thing he basically just decided that since it smells bad it must have some sort of fungus disease, that breaks down its body and forces it to wear a sewn together mask, yeah absolutely genius.
      I'm not even going to talk about the Tulpa thing again since it's just a huge joke.

      "these are monsters we're talking about. At some point you have to stop expecting a rational, scientific answer."

      You know there's a time to play along with creepy pastas, and there's a time to realize the difference between fiction and reality, especially when you think that something exists just because a bunch of people thought it up.

  3. I remember when once, when I was around five years old, my parents took me to a picnic in the forest. Halfway through the picnic, I remember I wandered off to see something in the woods. I went up to it and said "Hello, what's your name?". It smelled kind of weird. It didn't answer at all. I poked it with my fingers and when I did, it would always just turn it's head really fast and look at me, then slowly turn it's head back to my parents. I was too scared to touch it after that. I still think it was incredibly strange that my parents didn't notice me gone for almost an hour. My parents finally started packing everything up, and I told it "Sorry, I have to go now". It didn't respond, just kept staring at my parents. I remember feeling a strange attachment to it, not wanting to leave it. When they started calling my name, I finally just walked up to them and left. I still remember drawing around three or four pictures of it and putting them in my closet. I felt so sad that I wasn't close to it. It came to me in my dreams though, sometimes. It was recurring. I saw it. I don't know where I was. I was in the fabric of dreaming, a blank canvas. Everything was purple and pink and wavering and mixing together but only out of the corner of my eye. I feel so scared right now as i'm typing this. Just, a really big weight of fear at the bottom of my stomach. Not paranoia or dread. Just fear. I don't want to talk about it any more. I'm so scared right now. I have to leave oh god im so scared

  4. Alright then i just got my camera and went aroudn my house and took a video. it made me feel better. i am now seeing a flicker of a pale shadow on the carpet out of the corner of my eye. i think it is a censor. i feel very scared when i type this. it is trying to get me to stop typing this but i wont and it flickers again and again as i try to quell it. i say in my mind that it will go away and it flickers.i don't feel scared now. there is no more flickering. now i feel dread. i feel what i can only describe as the calm before the storm. a feeling grim acceptance and compromise mixed with dread. i feel weird. i want to throw up but i have no nausea. i feel so sad. there is a lump in my throat and i want to cry and throw up at the same time. i'm gagging right now. i think i have hunger pains. it's like when you do't eat anything for a while and then you feel sick. i keep looking back at my window. i don't know why. i don't really want to do anything right now. i just want to lay down and sleep for a long time. a very long time. this is all real and that is what makes it so unbearable. the picnic was real the man was REAL NAD HE HAS A LONG WHITE FACE AND ONE EYE STITCHED SHUT i fee lso scared again i want to leave oh god im leaving


  6. Their diet need not consist merely of flesh of young humans. The story from the person who camped in the Everglades said it was carrying a goose/duck under one arm. We can assume it was already dead and would be dinner / breakfast later.

  7. Maybe it just stashed him somewhere to eat at its leisure. I don't think they're intelligent enough to perform surgery.

  8. So basically they decided that it takes the children, and doesn't leave any trace of them so that leads to them thinking that it transforms the children into seed eaters? completely ignoring all the papers that say "IT EATS THEM!"?

    And not only that but they decided that it has some sort of fungus on it that breaks down its body forcing it to make more children into more seedeaters? good thing the guys "discussed" it because otherwise that would just be completely ridiculous, especially since they have never seen it and the few people who have caught glimpses of it know absolutely nothing about it.

    I mean seriously if you are going to make a blog about a supernatural creature like this at least try to have some logic in it! how did the guys figure out so much about it even though they have never seen it and have only read a few stories about it where the creature is only glimpsed very briefly?

  9. Been reading over this site and I gotta say, there wasn't much thought put into this whole seedeater deal. Some stories the things around him turn to ash, others have him carrying livestock, and then others have him christening harbingers by drilling their faces and sensually whispering in their ear, then poof, hes either gone or a pile of leaves. It would be a little more convincing if stupid, thoughtless shit like this wasn't included.