Monday, June 6, 2011

Returning to The Grove

I went back to The Grove today. Earlier, I spoke with the mother of the victim. She reported the following story:

The mother, a resident across the street from the park, was seated on a nearby bench, watching her son at the playground around 9:30 pm on the 31st of May. She returned to the house, mere metres away, for reasons she did not disclose. When she returned, her son was gone.

She recalled something she described as a "big black cloud" that swept away, unnaturally over top of the trees. "It kind of turned on itself and disappeared with a little flash of red light" she said, "there was a loud sound like thunder and then it was gone."

When I visited the park today, it was empty. Nobody has been in or out of the park in the past few days, except the maintenance worker, who has tried trimming the grass. But I hear no news about this occurrence. The mother is the only one who testifies about it, and she told me personally. I am unaware who else knows.

Unlike what one might expect for something typically considered a "crime-scene", there was no blood. There were no footsteps leading off into the trees, nor any markings or damage to the equipment.

There is a cluster of trees beyond the swingset. I assume this is where the cloud sighting occurred. I am, as of yet, unaware of any connections to this cloud that the mother is describing. Then again, this could be unrelated to the Seed Eater entirely. However, judging on the lack of investigation, the sudden silence on the matter, and the suspicious details of the disappearance, I think my assumption is a safe guess.

The Grove is near the edge of the town, bordering near the train tracks and the road out. The woodland area nearby goes on for quite a distance. The Seed Eater could be anywhere.


  1. maybe it keeps the children alive nobody has found any bodies or evidence

  2. maybe this forum is full of shit