Friday, April 23, 2010

From Hugh

From Hugh:

“Hey Clifford,

My friend Nolan Toal sent me your website, and I quickly recalled something my eight year old son, Trey, told me. About a year ago, Trey was going down to the nearby creek to catch frogs. He came back only a few minutes later. I asked him why and he said there was a “scary bird man” standing across the footbridge. He said the man's face was “stretchy and with no eyes” and that he wanted to take him into the woods. I continued asking him if he could remember any other details about the man, because I was planning on calling the police and giving them a description, but Trey kept on saying that the man's face was all wrong. I gave whatever details I could to the police, but they told be that they couldn't run a description on the man because it was too vague.

When Nolan told me to check this site out, I thought of this incident. I'm not entirely sure if its related or not.

Hugh Kingdom”

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  1. I haven't really talked to Hugh for years. I guess he was on my contacts list when I sent the website link and I selected all contacts.