Thursday, April 29, 2010

From Jake and Patricia

From Jake and Patricia:

"Dear Clifford Howry,

My name is Jake. My wife Patricia and I have been scouting for details for a long time, but finally someone else has surfaced – you. It's unbelievable how long we've been looking for someone else like us, but now we have at last.

Since 1986, my wife and I have been collecting data on Ragface, whom your acquaintance Barbara has affectionately nicknamed Seedeater. Together, we have pieced together a scrapbook over the years. Inside, we collected our own series of testimonies and photographs, sketches and so forth. Since then, our interest has died down slightly, but I was ecstatic when I came across your website. It definitely excites me that someone new has discovered Ragface’s fable, and continues to delve into its source.

What I really am trying to get across to you is the idea of a collaboration. I'm interested in perhaps lending you our scrapbook. The internet is a huge medium that didn't truly exist when Patricia and I were collecting data. Now, you can spread the word and the awareness regarding Ragface (or Seedeater). If you are interested, please reply with your mail details so that we can send this package on its way.


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  1. I have sent my information to them. I am unsure when the package will be sent and when it will arrive.