Tuesday, April 20, 2010

From Nolan

From Nolan: 

“My family lived in a rural community in south-eastern Manitoba for most of my childhood. When I was ten, during the 80s, my older brother Shawn reluctantly took me to the corner store to buy me candy. It was getting dark and my parents didn't trust me alone yet. When we got there, the shop owner's son, who was there as a cashier, started talking with Shawn about something. They were both around the same age, for all I knew, they could have been talking about girls which I really didn't care for at the time. I wandered up and down the aisles, and I remember being captivated by a video game magazine at the end of the far aisle. When I got back to the front counter, I couldn't find Shawn anywhere, so I went outside and still couldn't find him. I crept around the outside of the store and into the dense shrubs and trees that the shop backed onto. Something immediately caught my attention: a man-like figure bobbing its head up and down in the upper branches of a tree. It was grunting and in the fading sunlight, it almost looked like it was dancing or eating something. I started to back away, but it suddenly dropped out of the tree and stood in front of me. It smelled horrible, like a garbage can full of rotten food. When it stepped out of the shadows, I saw its face. It was kind of raggedy looking, but shrunken and stitched. It made me think of Frankenstein's monster with like a sack or something draped over its face and it brethed [sic] through a tube for a snout or beak. I turned away and ran. I think Shawn saw it too, because when he saw me, he ran as well. When we got back home, I think he told our mom and dad, and so I never mentioned it.

I made drawings of it several times during the months that followed. If I can find them, I’ll send them too you. I hope it helps.”

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