Sunday, May 9, 2010

From Sarah (possibly related) - Redux

The friend of mine mentioned earlier has found another entry from Sarah on

"Last night was the same as every night for the last week. That ragfaced man had his face pressed against my window while I was sleeping. Dad's a paranoid freak who set up security cameras in our yard, after that burglar last year. I checked through the tapes, but nothing's ever there, only the camera pointing directly at my window while I'm sleeping. Fifty hours of me, naked in bed, all on tape..."

Again, only POSSIBLY related.


  1. I have a hard time believing MLIC, with some of the stuff that is posted. Looks like some of the /b/ lurks in there.

  2. wow cliff why did u say that now wabonan is going all pedophile on u >,< besides the fact its weird how so much things in real life that u can see with your eyes doesnt appear on tape but somthings can

  3. why would you sleep naked knowing your dad is video taping you?