Saturday, May 15, 2010

From Unknown

What follows is an email that I haven't been too keen on sharing. I received it on Tuesday and was unsure on posting it. I did, however, reach the decision on updating the site with it. I feel you all have the right to know this info as well as me. The details are somewhat disturbing, but do provide insight into what exactly I've gotten myself into. Please be warned that it may upset you.

From Unknown:

"cliff, i know that there are certain things you may not understand yet, but i can provide answers to your fascination with the rag-faced man. maybe it's because you're only in your late teens that you haven't picked up on it yet, or maybe you live a bit too far away from the area to know of the happenings. despite this, i feel guilty in denying you the truth, regardless of what the prescribed ordinances say.
we can't know exactly when it began, but we know that it's cycle. the hunt doesn't stop for anyone. the rag-face goes after children. for a while, we didn't know why it chose them instead of adults. initially, we supposed that it was perhaps the general strength of adults could overpower it. after all, it is rather frail and bony. then, we began to wonder why it never attacked the old folks home. in fact, it completely avoided that building for all anyone knew. we eventually came to the conclusion that it needs children, preferably before they reach puberty. this assumption was reached by my colleague, richard. his comments werent well received by most of us. it seemed too soon to be discussing that after the recent arrest of a child molester in our neighbourhood. nevertheless, richard's assumption seemed to hold true for any known piece of information regarding the rag-faced man. most of the children had given their testimonies dating back to when they were in the age range of six to twelve years old, a few older and a few younger.
then we set up the ordinances. richard's father had a collection of writings about the rag-faced man stuffed inside of a trunk that he gave to richard before he died. inside, we were able to analyze the testimonies and information to construct a list of seven. these seven rules were never to be broken under any circumstances. the wording we chose was meant to dodge the curses of summoning the creature. our ordinances fit through loopholes in the already set out laws. copies of it were distributed to everyone and we all swore an oath, as we knew it would ensure the safety of our community and the communities surrounding ours.
that was thirty seven years ago.
the rag-face needs children to meet some type of dietary requirement. the younger, the better. on countless occasions, richard threw a fit over mothers leaving baby carriages unattended in the morgan playground that backed onto the woods (which was once known to be its hunting ground). he managed to scare women to tears, educating young women over eighteen about the dangers of being a mother in our community. he made them swear oaths as well, with the local police involved in patrolling its known hunting grounds for mothers not watching their children. if the mothers werent being responsible, then someone had to look out for the kids. this resulted in a spike in crime in our community and the police couldn't handle patrolling the area anymore. eventually, morgan park was abandoned. it sat there, derelict for years until a few years back.
two kids, one of them was named brady, the other ben, went to the old park (presumably to vandalize it, or so we suspected) in the nineties. that area was deemed unsafe and richard made sure that mothers warned their children about that area. we even did our best to set up blockades around the park, but nobody guarded them. the kids just hopped the fence and then they were in. then, around five o clock that night, my neighbours reported screaming from the park. the police, fire department and ambulances came. it was quite the scene. also making a scene was richard, who heavily complained that all the sirens would upset the creature. he thought it would kill us all in our beds. eventually, brady came out into the open, shaking the chainlink fence and holding a baseball bat. both he and the bat were covered in blood and a glutinous mud-coloured liquid. There were so many slashes on his face. i couldn't tell whose blood was whose. i can still remember his mother screaming and ben's mother demanding to know where her son had gone. brady was too shaken to be able to tell. there wasn't a gate on the fence, so the fire crew had to coax him to climb the fence. His hands were so badly cut that his screams must have reached for miles as he climbed the ten foot fence and fell to the ground on the our side of it. to this day, he's the only one we've ever known to have escaped. ben's body was never found. later that same night, morgan park was firebombed by several townsfolk. it certainly wasn't commissioned by me, but i've suspected richard's involvement. it doesn't really matter anyway. it's been ten years.

of course, brady was put into isolation, like a prison. it felt wrong to incarcerate the boy, but if he wasn't, then by our knowledge, he'd be hunted down. brady's still in the basement of the safest place we know possible: the old folk's home. he has security on him 24/7. i dont know how much of our town's budget we put into that, but it must have been a huge chunk. the mayor himself decided the funding, even though richard labeled brady as a curse. our mayor's about as scared as any of us, but not nearly as frightened as richard seems to be. this paranoia kills our town.
I have to warn you, cliff. youre altering the hunt. dont try to fight this thing. i don't know what you think youre trying to do, but youre coaxing an attack out of it. your site could potentially be dangerous for anyone involved with it. dont alter the hunt. stop posting experiences."

Attached to the email was a digital photo of the sheet of ordinances. It was the same as that I had been emailed (minus the bloody writing). Whoever sent me the email forgot to include a name, and their email is one of those "do not reply" type. The email address itself is a random jumble of letters, and they haven't responded to any of my further queries.


  1. Sorry to tell you Cliff, but this is just Creepy Pasta (i think its even been hosted on

  2. I agree with the other Anonymous. This is all just b.s. Creepy pasta at it's tastiest.

  3. The thing is, I've seen this story circulated as creepypasta after I initially received the letter. I never saw it beforehand. I do lurk on /x/, and I only started to see this story pop up in the weeks after I posted this.

  4. It's hoax, Cliff. There might be some fact to it, but I feel that some of the letter was falsified to make it a little more spooky. For one, most of these people would only be paranoid in deep occult oriented regions. This 'hunt' isn't a hunt. It's just a random event. You could crawl through the forest all day and never see a remote sign of a Seed Eater unless you invite it into your mind. This ritual of the mind is simply paranoia building up causing one to materialize beings that are not real. Kids on the other hand, they have an altered memory. Hell, when I was a kid my mom kept her makeup stuff under a blanket in a chair by her bedroom. I'd sit in terror thinking it was a man starring at me. I then learned that it was just my mind adding the details because it was just a blanket with shadows on it.

    But here's the funny fact. I think my theory is bullshit and want to know more about Seed Eater. :D

  5. What I'm wondering is that why are all of the names of people aren't capitalized *grammar nazi*

  6. WTH why are you people telling the guy it's fake? he already knows! it's like the Slenderman blogs there is always somebody who comes in and says "GAIS U NO DISSS IZ FAEK RAIGHT?"
    He already knows! it's just a horror ARG for our enjoyment! you are supposed to play along with it!

  7. seed eater is real don't hunt him he'll kill you

  8. This is for whoever wishes to read it...
    Stories come from our minds and what lay in our minds are nothing but memories we've seen from our current life or past.
    Dreams are our memories, twisted and edited to tell us something. Whether you want to beleive it or not, there is a big chance that Seedeater is real. Our minds just block out what terrifies us most, storeing it away with every other nightmare we know to protect ourselves to keep ourselves from being next.