Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Since last Tuesday, I've experienced issues sleeping. Initially, it was out of a sort of creeping fear, the type you get after watching a horror movie. Then, it progressed into full-on insomnia. I've only managed to sleep in small increments of time. Say, three to four hours on and off. My doctor diagnosed me with having insomnia and prescribed sleeping pills as of Saturday. I've been using them and found myself in a worse situation.
I've been waking up nearly every day since Saturday with an inability to move. It's like I'm awake, but I'm not. My eyelids are open and I see my bedroom, but I can't move. I can close my eyes, then reopen them, but my room suddenly becomes warped and horrible. It's like somebody turning down the colour knob on an old TV while simultaneously twisting the brightness knob to slowly creep to blackness. Everything seems to dissolve, then I shut my eyes and open them again. Everything's normal again and then is soon proceeds to do the same thing until I'm in total darkness once more.
And every time I look in my window, I see it. The Seed Eater stands there, with its ragface pressing against the glass, hissing like a corrupted scuba mask. I only catch quick glimpses of it before it all fades to nothingness.
I've done some research and concluded that this is either sleep paralysis or I'm experiencing frequent night terrors. It's terrifying. I haven't had night terrors since I was a little kid. Not like this.


  1. If you are telling the truth then you have provoked it. The only way to beat the " Seed Eater " is by fighting fire with fire. Clearly it holds some magic capability so unless you face your tormentor you will be stuck with it menacing you or worse. Hunt for it, get people and bring weapons and video equipment. It is time for the wolf to become the sheep.

  2. Y'all niggas is boring. Somebody punch its stupid mask off and get it over with, this shit is stupid.

  3. Forsythia Nighthawk.May 8, 2011 at 8:24 PM

    i'm going to put a bag over my head, find you, and eat you. Then i'm going to dress up in a business suit and eat your friends. Then you'll all be dead, and people will be afraid of something real. Diiiiuuuuk.

  4. If its sleep paralysis you can overcome it, try hard enough and you will eventually be able to move. Once you start moving you don't remain paralyzed.